Transitioning a Loved One to Memory Care Part 2: Making Move-In Day Successful

Jun 15, 2020

After you’ve found the perfect community, it’s time to pack up, get prepared and make the move to your new lifestyle. While you’ve prepped and prepared, made your perfect choice and done everything you’ve needed to do, that doesn’t mean the transition won’t still be difficult or emotional – in fact, it’s important to expect it to be so. This is a large change and it will take some time to get used to, especially for someone with memory loss.

Making Move-In Day Successful

Whether you are helping someone with memory loss move, or you simply need some guidance on how to make your move more seamless, consider some of the following tips.

  • Move when you or your loved one are at their best. This can help to ensure there is no agitation, aggression or overwhelmingly emotional response. In fact, this can also increase excitement if they’ve been looking forward to the move. If it is going to make them nervous, don’t tell them their move-in date too far in advance.
  • Pack and unpack as much as you can ahead of time. Some communities will let you move some items in before your move-in date, helping there to be less clutter, mess and confusion on the day of the move. Some even have people to help pack, move and unpack for you. One thing is for certain, the less clutter and action there is, the better.
  • Make it look more like home. Don’t underestimate the value of bringing items from home. This not only makes it look more familiar, but it can also help you or your loved one feel more comfortable before, during and after the move.
  • Get acquainted. It can be very helpful to get to know those you’ll be seeing often in your new memory care community. Once you’re settled, your care team will come in, introduce themselves and help you to know what to expect. Over time they will become more familiar and more like friends.
  • Keep in touch with friends and family. Continue contacting friends and family, connect over video chat, have phone calls, and if possible, enjoy visits. This can help to ease nerves, make the move easier and help to increase comfort and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Experience The Sterling Life

At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, we provide an exceptional experience for those in need of a Memory Care Center of Excellence. Our residents can enjoy everything they need to live engaging and fulfilling lives – from an array of programs and activities and a variety of amenities to the peace of mind of dedicated care and a world of possibilities for enhanced wellness each day.

With spacious features that include a fitness center, dining room, and a greenhouse as well as small, easy-to-navigate neighborhoods for residents to enjoy, they can experience safety and comfort as well as the independence to explore.

No matter what our residents’ needs are, or how they may change, we are able to meet their needs. As a partner with the Hearthstone Institute, we provide Dr. John Zeisel’s I’m Still Here® programming to change the way residents live. Each day, they can experience a joyful, fulfilling and active life while experiencing the care they deserve. To learn more, contact us today!

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