Connecting with a Loved One with Memory Loss Part 2: Activities You Can Do Together

May 15, 2020

Once you know how to best communicate with your loved one with dementia, one of the best things you can do next is to find various programs and activities that you can do together. This can not only help you bond and feel more connected, but it can also help to improve communication, increase confidence and help your loved one feel more secure. No matter what stage your loved one is in, there are plenty of activities that you can do together.

Activities for Loved Ones with Memory Loss

Caregivers can ensure their loved one lives an active and engaging lifestyle even with dementia by helping to plan an array of activities. Consider some of the following you can do with your loved one with dementia.

  • Create a memory box. Gather some old photographs, mementos and meaningful items and compile them together in an old box. Go through it together to reminisce, bond and connect with your loved one’s past.
  • Play card games. Card games can remind loved ones of times playing cards with old family members and friends. Consider playing some of their favorites. If they have trouble seeing the small numbers, try purchasing large-print playing cards. If the rules are more confusing, try adapting them.
  • Bake or cook together. If your loved one is able, ask them to help you bake or cook their favorite recipes. If not, have them set the table, help clean up or create a nice centerpiece.
  • Watch their favorite movies and dance to their beloved music. There’s nothing like connecting with another place and time. Blast your loved one’s old favorite songs and dance with them. Have a movie night with their favorite snacks and treats.
  • Plant a garden. Gardening is not only a great way to get outside, but it’s also the perfect way to release some pent-up frustration and help your loved one see what they can achieve. Plant some vegetables, enjoy the beauty of the flowers or simply have fun getting your hands dirty.

When planning and participating in activities with a loved one with dementia, it’s important for you to be flexible and patient, provide choices, alter activities as needed, simplify the instructions and follow their own personal cues to be sure they aren’t too tired, frustrated or agitated. Establishing a routine can also be beneficial.

At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, we provide an array of programs and activities you can enjoy with your loved one with memory loss. If you have any questions, would like some more ideas on how to connect and engage with your loved one, or to learn how our lifestyle can enhance their days, contact us today.

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