Is It Normal Aging, or Something More? Part 2: Signs 6 – 10

Mar 1, 2020

Welcome back to part two of our blog. In part two, we are going to be detailing that final five signs that you or a loved one may be dealing with memory loss and not simply normal aging. If you’re noticing the prior five signs along with the following below, it may be time to talk to a doctor to determine whether or not further testing should be done. To uncover the final key signs of memory loss, read more below!

Is It Normal Aging or Memory Loss?: Part 2

  1. Problems Reading or Writing. There are plenty of times where people may not be able to find the right word to convey what they want to say, but for those with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss, this is an everyday struggle. They may stop in the middle of a conversation, struggle in naming familiar objects or call things by the wrong name.

  2. Misplacing Items. Retracing steps to find an item we’ve lost is simple if we aren’t living with memory loss, however, those with memory loss may not be able to retrace their steps, remember where they put something or can even accuse others of stealing items.
  3. Poor Judgment. Did your loved one once keep themselves well-groomed and take pride in their appearance? Are you finding yourself making poor financial decisions? If so, you may want to look into memory loss. It’s not uncommon for seniors to make some bad decisions once in a while or forget to do something, but when it comes to decision-making, the risks can be higher.
  4. Withdrawal. While you may have an off day once in a while, those with memory loss tend to withdraw from the things and people they love because of the changes they are experiencing. If you notice this, be sure to contact a doctor.
  5. Changes in Mood and Personality. Many of us have a routine we go by, and if it gets messed up, we may become irritable. Those with memory loss, however, may become suspicious, depressed, anxious or fearful if their routine is disrupted or they are out of their comfort zone.

If you are noticing these signs in either yourself or a loved one, contact a doctor or healthcare professional near you today. The sooner you evaluate whether or not these changes are age-related, the sooner you can get the help and support you deserve. For more information, contact our team today! 

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