Stimulating Activities for Memory Loss

Feb 25, 2020

If you have a loved one with memory loss, you may wonder how you can ensure they are enjoying engaging and stimulating memory care programming and activities all while receiving the dedicated dementia care that they need and deserve. At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, we make this a reality for our memory care patients each day.

Whether our residents are enjoying stimulating morning activities, engaging clubs or even one of our many special activities offered throughout our community, our programming not only ensures those with memory loss are living fulfilling and purposeful lives, but that they are socializing, having fun and connecting with who they once were.

The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb’s Programs & Activities

Check out a few of our many daily activities and events to learn more about how we engage with and inspire our residents each day.

  • Morning Gatherings. Those with memory loss enjoy discussing what happened in history on that particular date, current events, and what is planned for the day. Here, they are able to learn what is on the menu for the day, what the weather will be like and bond with other Memory Care patients.
  • Exercise Opportunities. With Music and Movement and Sittersize, our wellness team helps keep our residents’ bodies active through exercise, stretching and more.
  • Brain Games and Memory Exercises. From word puzzles and trivia to cranium crunches and other games, our residents with memory loss can engage, stimulate their minds and challenge themselves.
  • Household Helpers. Our residents can help our team clear and prep our dining room for lunches, special events and more. From rolling and folding silverware to wiping down tables and setting the tables, they love helping. Residents can also assist in preparation with other activities, water plants or help to clean.
  • An Array of Clubs. Here, there is something for everyone. Each day, our residents with memory loss can enjoy clubs including the travel and garden clubs, culinary club and craft club, art and drawing clubs, special men and women’s clubs and so much more.
  • Music Therapy. Whether residents are singing or listening, our residents with memory loss can have an outlet for frustration, have fun and enjoy the art of music.
  • Matinee and Evening Movies. Residents enjoy a stimulating experience with a choice of movie they’d like to watch for the month and two evening movies during the week. From classics to musicals and comedies, residents can reminisce and enjoy their favorites.

For more information about our activities and programs for patients with memory loss, contact The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb. We would be happy to help you learn more about our programming, how we keep residents engaged and stimulated and how we can help your loved one enjoy each day!

Experience the Sterling Life

At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, we provide an exceptional experience for those in need of a Memory Care Center of Excellence. Our residents can enjoy everything they need to live engaging and fulfilling lives – from an array of programs and activities and a variety of amenities, to the peace of mind of dedicated care and a world of possibilities for enhanced wellness each day.

With spacious features that include a fitness center, dining room, and a greenhouse as well as small, easy-to-navigate neighborhoods for residents to enjoy, they can experience safety and comfort as well as the independence to explore.

As a partner with the Hearthstone Institute, we provide Dr. John Zeisel’s I’m Still Here® programming to change the way residents live. Each day, they can experience a joyful, fulfilling and active life while experiencing the care they deserve. To learn more, contact us today!

Call us at ​770-383-1779 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.