Is It Normal Aging, or Something More? Part 1: Signs 1 – 5

Feb 15, 2020

Are you beginning to wonder if you or a loved one are dealing with memory loss? Many times, signs of memory loss can be confused for signs of normal aging, however, it’s important to distinguish the difference between the two to ensure you or a loved one can receive a proper diagnosis.

Debunking the Difference Between Normal Aging and Memory Loss

According to the Alzheimer’s Association®, the following are among the top ten early warning signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. If you notice any of these, contact a doctor right away.

  1. Memory Loss That Disrupts Daily Life. Seniors can often forget the names of people they used to know or forget appointment dates and times, but they will usually remember them later. If your loved one is continuously forgetting recently learned information, relies on memory aids or asks for the same information repeatedly, they may be dealing with memory loss.

  2. Challenges in Planning and Problem Solving. It is possible your loved one has never been good at balancing a checkbook, but if they used to be and no longer can do this on their own, you may be dealing with memory loss. Keep an eye on whether or not your loved one can still follow a recipe or keep track of bills, because if they can’t it may be a sign of a bigger problem.
  3. Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks. It’s not uncommon for seniors to need help with settings on their television, microwave of their phone, but if they can no longer complete tasks they used to be able to do with ease, it’s best to call a doctor to get some tests run.
  4. Confusion with Time or Place. Forgetting the date or having trouble keeping track of time can be normal, especially when you remember it shortly after. However, those with Alzheimer’s disease are unable to keep track of dates, times, seasons and more. If you are finding it hard to remember how you got somewhere or can no longer remember how to get to a familiar place, contact your doctor immediately.
  5. Trouble Understanding Visual Images. Vision problems can be a big red flag of Alzheimer’s, especially when it leads to issues balancing or reading. This makes judging distance, determining color and even driving difficult to do.

For more information about normal age-related changes and memory loss, contact The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb. We would be happy to discuss them with you to help you determine whether or not you should contact a doctor. Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this blog detailing the final 5 signs of memory loss, coming soon!

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