Introducing The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb

Jan 15, 2020

Part 1: An Enriching Lifestyle

At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, a Memory Care Center of Excellence in Marietta, Georgia, those who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia are not only receiving the care they deserve, but are enjoying it in a beautiful new setting. Located on the campus of Sterling Estates of West Cobb, The Grande strives to provide quality care and an engaging resident experience.

At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, residents enjoy a life designed with purpose and attention to detail. Here, our residents can enjoy a variety of amenities, choose their floor plans to suit their individual needs and tastes, explore our array of daily purposeful programming and so much more.

How The Grande at Sterling Estates Enhances Life with Memory Loss

Because of our approach to care, vibrant lifestyle and commitment to choice, each day is anything but typical. Here, those with memory loss can begin and end their days when they choose, participate in the programs that interest them, engage when they desire and enjoy freedom that enhances confidence.

Here are just a few of the ways that we enhance life for those with memory loss every day.

  • Purposeful Design. At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, we’ve designed our community with attention to detail. With small, cozy and easy-to-navigate neighborhoods, and with a secure but spacious landscaped courtyard residents feel safe and yet have an engaging environment both inside and out.
  • Programming with Meaning. We have a unique approach to care with a partnership with Hearthstone Institute and Dr. John Zeisel. With his innovative I’m Still Here® approach, those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia can live engaging, meaningful and rewarding lives.
  • An Array of Services and Amenities. Residents can enjoy a fitness center, activity kitchen, living room and music room, serenity room, greenhouse and art room, salon, expansive and secure courtyard with walking paths and so much more. Their families can experience the peace of mind of person-centered care, assistance and licensed nurses on staff.
  • Variety of Apartments. Offering an array of floor plans, including private studios with a private bath as well as two-bedroom, two-bath options, residents can enjoy purposeful and careful design. The colors, decor, lighting and style have all been specially chosen to create soothing surroundings while providing cues to increase independence.
  • Delicious Dining. When residents dine at The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, they help to set the tables and be part of the experience with family-style dining. In addition, they enjoy nutritious meals prepared with care by our very own Executive Chef. During each of the day’s three meals, several entrée choices are available to please every palate.

For more information about The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, please contact us today. We would be happy to schedule a time to speak to you or help you learn more. To learn more about our Memory Care, keep an eye out for Part 2, all about our dedicated approach!

Experience the Sterling Life

At The Grande at Sterling Estates of West Cobb, our residents can live engaging and fulfilling lives – from an array of programs and activities and a variety of amenities, to the peace of mind of dedicated care.

With spacious features that include a fitness center, dining room, and a greenhouse as well as small, easy-to-navigate neighborhoods for residents to enjoy, they can experience safety and comfort as well as the independence to explore.

As a partner with the Hearthstone Institute, we provide Dr. John Zeisel’s I’m Still Here® programming to change the way residents live and enable them to experience a joyful, fulfilling and active life while receiving the care they deserve. To learn more, contact us today!

Call us at ​770-383-1779 for more information or to schedule a personal visit today.